Monday, April 25, 2011

Schools in the flood crisis of survival

6:00 pm on April 23, 2011, the school received flood damage. 30cm above the floor of water hit the school things. Japan received support from the computer under water, schools were closed.
There is no money to buy a new computer.
Please continue to donate computers to schools.
The school is closed, the school can not pay salaries for teachers.
Closed down the crisis came.

Friday, March 11, 2011

RATHA Money Exchange & Transfer

RATHA Money Exchange & Transfer open
(befor polo money exchange)
near Dong Tong Market, Koh Kong

Money Exchange shop in koh kong

Tel 011703555,012703555,016703555
Tel/Fax 035936300
E-Mail: UniCode OK)
The massive earthquake in Japan, many people died in the tsunami, many people were injured. Mr.Polo is to help the people of Japan, a lot of donations sent to Japan. Donations are used for the wounded in hospitals, many Japanese are grateful, we received many words of thanks. Dear Mr.Polo and his familys, thank you.