Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Web Hosting Solutions & E-mail Solutions

Netkhmer.com’s Hosting Solution is designed to provide all facilities you might need to host your own Domain, Mail Server, WWW site and even you Server, within the Netkhmer.com Datacenter. Netkhmer.com has datacenter with backup facilities elsewhere in JAPAN & USA, keeping your data extra safe.

Web Hosting
gives you everything you need to host your own Domain, WWW page and e-mail solution which includes:
* DNS hosting service
* your own WWW Page under netkhmer.com
if you want www.yourname.com or .kh please call.
* UnLimit mailbox's under netkhmer.com
(yourname@netkhmer.com) Free!
All incl. 1Year $120

DNS hosting
if you operate your own server we can host your DNS zone as primary or secondary name server for only $10.00 per year

Free Email

Netkhmer.com giving free E-mail address to cambodian.
You can use yourname@netkhmer.com or yourname@edu.netkhmer.com(for student)
If you want Free e-mail please contact us.

Call: 855(035)6333-001