Friday, March 11, 2011

RATHA Money Exchange & Transfer

RATHA Money Exchange & Transfer open
(befor polo money exchange)
near Dong Tong Market, Koh Kong

Money Exchange shop in koh kong

Tel 011703555,012703555,016703555
Tel/Fax 035936300
E-Mail: UniCode OK)
The massive earthquake in Japan, many people died in the tsunami, many people were injured. Mr.Polo is to help the people of Japan, a lot of donations sent to Japan. Donations are used for the wounded in hospitals, many Japanese are grateful, we received many words of thanks. Dear Mr.Polo and his familys, thank you.

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  1. Yeah, Tsunami had taken away many lives from not only Japan but also the surrounding neighboring ares. It caused a serious havoc to man people and the domestic elements. BTW i am very please to get me into this helpful blog post and would like to be thankful to Mr. Polo for his noble work to the distressed mankind. I thin money exchanges play vital role in the economy of any country even the guys who are on board. I can also share a relevant agency that works in Bali, Indonesia. bmc money changer . Hope this will be useful for the readers here.